Quality Assurance

Independent Verification and Validation

vRhythms helps you in ensuring quality of your software product or solution for complete satisfaction of your customers.

Our Service Offerings
  • Strategy for testing, automation, defect tracking.
  • Performing various tests such as unit testing, functional testing, load testing, regression testing, interoperability testing, failure-mode testing.
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Testing, e-Signature, audit trail.
  • Security Testing to test security features such as role-based access.
  • Maintain end-of-life software products at low cost.
  • Documentation Testing - User manuals, help.
  • Compatibility Testing - OS, software, install/uninstall.
  • Provide comprehensive, detailed report of test results, enabling you to address identified deficiencies.
  • Certification of your software product or solution once the test results are achieved to pre-determined threshold.

Performance Engineering

vRhythms helps in improving performance and scalability of applications and products. With our expertise in distributed architecture, we can guide you with right solution for high-throughput, highly interactive systems. We help you in architecting and designing right solution keeping in mind the performance and scalability. We also help in identifying bottlenecks in existing solution and advising your corrective measures.

Our Service Offerings
  • Application performance metrics
  • Identifying bottlenecks
  • Suggest changes to architecture, code, deployment
  • Assure performance improvement for given environment through metrics