Case Study - Insurance Management Solution


The client is a provide of insurance management solutions to
major US based insurance carriers. It provides end-to-end
services including plan,enrollment,financial management to
insurance providers.

  Business Scenario

Healthcare industry in USA is going through major transformation
in as many decades. The customer wanted to take advantege of the new business
opportunities by augmenting their service offerings with the help of technology.

  Proposed Solution

  • Lifecycle Management of Insurance Plan- Loading SERFF
    templates,End-to end plan offer to retire process management,
    integration with backend COBOL system
  • Integration platform for data exchange with Federal and State
    based Health exchanges and Insurance carriers for various
    transactions such as enrolment,financial payments etc.
  • Multi-tenant environment for segregation of data.

  Key Highlights

  • Horizontally scalable architecture with ability to add multiple
    processing nodes
  • Pattern based design for modularity in development process.
  • Designed to process 500,000 environments per day.
  • Auto-Generation of Message Broker flow increases flexibility to
    add new integration points.
  • SOA aligned architecture for maximum agility.
  • Adherance to industry standards with capability to add custom content.


  • J2EE
  • Open source frameworks-Struts2, Hibernate, Spring
  • jQuery, Javascript, HTML5
  • Mobile application development framework
  • IBM WebSphere Message Broker, Transformation xTender
  • IBM MQ
  • IBM DB2 Database


  • Significant reduction in new insurance carrier on-boarding from 6+ months to less than one month.
  • Reduction in operating cost and improvement in customer satisfaction.
  • New business opportunities by providing SAAS offerings for smaller insurance providers.Addition of 3 new customers with the new business model.